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Oi! Bom dia! A winner’s recount of the Tour do Rio.

Tour do Rio, July 27-31 Oi, bom dia! The Tour do Rio wrapped up on Sunday (7/31), and I am writing this in the final hours of the long flight … More »

Updates from Eric, with a look at the Nature Valley Grand Prix

Last month, I raced in the Nature Valley Grand Prix, a five day stage race in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nature Valley is one of the most important races on … More »

Updates from Philadelphia and Arlington

I apologize for another lengthy interval between updates. I have spent the last few weeks travelling throughout the country, from St Louis, to Washington D.C., to Minnesota, to Cincinnati. The … More »

Group Ride Etiquette

Several riders recently asked for some basic guidelines about riding in a group. I think this is a worthy topic for this week’s entry. After all, I was just talking … More »

“No pierden la fuga”

“No pierden la fuga” These were the instructions of Seba, our director, before each stage of the Joe Martin Stage Race. Translated, it means, “Don’t miss the break.” According to … More »

Spring’s Slow Arrival and the Battenkill Report

Hello everyone. I have been remiss in filling updates to my semi-weekly online journal (I tell people that I’ve been avoiding the label ‘blog,’ but I don’t think I can … More »

Eric’s Rules to Race By

Someone asked me an interesting question the other day. “How did you get to be a professional?” It was an interesting question because of its bluntness as well as the … More »

Eric’s Guide to Conquering the “Battenkill”

I’m sure that many of you are eagerly anticipating The Tour of the Battenkill coming up this Sunday. With only a few days left to prepare, I thought I’d offer … More »

Racing in San Dimas, California, Week 7

Monday: Recovery Tuesday: 3.5 hours, v-intensity, 4×8 minutes progressing intervals (high threshold-VO2) Wednesday: 2-3 hours, easy Thursday: 2 hours, v-endurance (scout the ITT course) Friday: San Dimas Stage Race (ITT) … More »

Training in Huntington Beach, California, Week 6

Monday: Recovery Tuesday: Recovery Wednesday: Recovery Thursday: 3.5 hours, v-endurance Friday: 3.5 hours, v-intensity, 4×8 minutes progressing intervals (high threshold-VO2) Saturday: 5 hours, v-intensity (Food Park Group Ride) Sunday: Training … More »