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Bicycle Fitting

Dynamic Fit – Guru DFU

After two years of testing and engineering, GURU Cycles Inc. has finalized the development of the first
computerized robotic assisted bicycle fitting system. With our patented drivetrain, motors, actuators and proprietary
software; Guru has revolutionized the fit process by drastically increasing efficiency and by creating an interactive experience for the client.

The DFU™, manipulates the rider’s position while he or she is pedaling. The software, based on the client’s body morphology, suggests a starting position for the fitter in using XY coordinates. The Guru trained fitter then adjusts the fit down to the millimetre in order to achieve a perfect fit, which is optimized for power, cadence, position and most of all, comfort.

Existing Bike Fit

You already have a bike you love. You want to make it perfect. We measure you and your bike and make changes where necessary to optimize your performance. We take into considerations things like riding style and pedaling technique, old injuries and skeletal physiology. Then, we apply our wealth of experience and SICI certification to help you arrive at your ideal position. We provide you with all of the measurements so that you may duplicate your perfect position on any bike you may own. This service takes about 1.5 to 2hrs and costs $150.

Comprehensive Bike Fit

A comprehensive bike fit is just that – full-on, top-to-bottom, all-things-considered bike and rider optimization. We start with a detailed interview where we consider your goals, riding style, and concerns. We then do a series of body measurements and movement assessments. This information is then combined with our SICI certification and Serotta Size Cycle which we use to find your ideal measurements – seat height and setback, top tube and stem length, crank length and pedal position, just to name a few. Once this is done, we set the Size Cycle up with your choice of handlebars, saddle and shifter hoods to either mimic your current setup or plan your perfect one. Finally, we record all of the measurements and send them to you. These will tell you your ideal fit numbers as well as your existing ones, all for $255.

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