Drummond Custom Cycles

Carbon Repair

Many people have been told that a crack in their carbon frame is fatal. This is just not the case, most frames are able to be repaired! We have been repairing carbon bike frames for 5 years with 100 percent customer satisfaction. Sure, it will add a few grams to the frame but is far less hassle and expense than replacing the frame. Contrary to popular belief carbon is not a throwaway material and is not only repairable but ends up stronger than the original layup. Most single tube repairs cost $250-$350. If the frame is not a candidate for repair we’ll let you know when we assess the frame.

Getting an evaluation of your broken frame is fairly easy. Just take a photo of the affected area on the frame and email it to us at drummondco@aol.com. We will assess the damaged area and send you a quote for the repair. You can bring it by or ship us the frame. Once we receive the frame, we will contact you and confirm the cost of repair. Most repairs are completed within one week of receiving the frame. All our repairs include clearcoat to protect the carbon from delamination. We also offer paint matching options as well so the bike doesn’t lose any of it’s original luster and we often have customers who will choose to completely repaint the bike after a repair.

For our repairs we use a structural 3k plain weave carbon. The advantage of using this carbon is that it has high strength in many directions unlike a unidirectional carbon. Using a unidirectional carbon requires many layers in different directions to make the repair strong. Using the 2×2 twill we can wrap the affected tube. The repaired area is thickest at the crack and then variegated with less layers of carbon moving away from the damaged area. We use a wet layup system and either vacuum bag the repair or wrap the repair with stretchy vinyl in several layers to compress the carbon and evacuate the resin. Once the repair is dry it is unwrapped and sanded thee final step is to apply the protective clearcoat to repaired area. The result is a safe, barely there repair that looks like a new bike.100_2039[1]