Maintenance & Repair

We offer a full range of bicycle repair, build and rebuild services. We can fit you to the bike of your choosing, and make any necessary component changes or adjustments. We can also build your dream bike from the ground up. From custom build to routine adjustments, we’ve got you covered.

Tune-ups & Overhaul
Tune-up $29.99 for single speed bikes / $75 for multi speed
Tune-plus (includes labor for cable and drive train replacement) $150
Major Overhaul (Pro Detail) $200
Additional Cleaning $15
Drive train clean/degrease and relube $35
Hourly Rate (special circumstance) $65

Tires and Tubes
Install tube $10 Front; $15 Rear; $8 Off Bike
Install new tire (includes tube labor) $15 Front; $20 Rear; $13 Off Bike
Tubeless set-up $25 per tire
Install Caffe Latex $10 per tire

Brakes and Levers – (Charge is per brake or lever)
Adjustment $15
Install Cable $20
Install Brake Lever/pair $25
Install Brake Shoes $20
Hydraulic Brake: Adjustment $25
Hydraulic Brake: Bleed $35

Derailleurs and Shifters
Adjustment $15 per dérailleur
Install Cable $20 per cable (includes adjustment)
Replace/ Align Dérailleur $30
Install pair of shifters w/o brakes $50 / with brakes $80
Overhaul Shifters $15 each

Standard Assembly $65
Pack for Shipment $75 (shipping materials and box)

*We provide full shipping services, please inquire for rates.

Drive Train
Install Chain $15
Install Cranks $30
Install Chain Rings $25
Install New Drive Train $120 (chain, cranks, cassette, bottom bracket; replace derailleurs)

Frame and Fork
Head Set: Adjust.    $15 / Install    $30
Bottom Bracket: Adjust    $15 / Install $30

True Wheel $10 – $20 (depending on wheel condition)
Adjust Hub $15 Front; $20 Rear
Replace Spoke $10 Front; $20 Rear
Bearing Replacement $30 plus parts

Accessories Installed
Minimum Labor charge $5.00
Computer: Wired $25
Computer: Wireless $20
Fenders: Bolt On $25
Grips $15 pair
Grips w/ bar ends $30
Handlebar Tape $30
Lights (each) $15
Pedals $10 pair
Rack assemble/hitch $30
Saddle w/adjustment $20



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