Drummond Custom Cycles


No component has a greater potential to make or break the ride of a bicycle than its wheels. Great wheels make a good bike even better. Inferior wheels will diminish the quality of a bike’s performance and can ruin a ride when a spoke breaks far from home. Unfortunately, many otherwise well-equipped stock bikes are spec’d with low-quality wheels that don’t do the rest of the bike justice. Also, many expensive “upgrade” wheelsets are designed with light weight and flashy looks in mind rather than quality, comfort and durability. When your machine-built stock wheels aren’t doing the job, you’re tired of breaking spokes or dealing with fussy, proprietary components or want a wheelset custom made for years of service. A hand-built wheelset from Drummond Custom Cycles may be for you.


With a hand-picked range of high-quality rims, hubs and spokes along with our years of wheelbuilding experience, we are able to build high-performance, real-world wheels tailored specifically to your needs and budget. We’ll work with you to select ideal components for your riding style, then lace, true and tension your wheels carefully and precisely to produce the optimal balance of spoke tension while eliminating stresses that cause wheels to go out of true. Paired with a set of quality tires, our custom wheels are sure to enhance the ride of any bike and provide many miles of trouble-free service.

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