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Scott Bicycles:  Scott offers a diverse variety of road, mountain, cyclocross, and fat bikes. The Scott Addict and Foil are some of the best high-level road bikes with incredible handling and drive. Within the mountain bike discipline, there is a stacked line of Genius Plus bikes, which are revolutionizing the mountain bike industry. The three inch tire width of these bikes has the dual advantage of increasing the comfort and smoothness of a ride, and also extending the realm of what is possible for riders at any level. Scott is the perfect brand if you love riding all categories in the bike world.                                                          www.scottusa.com


  • Genius Plus


  • Big John

Cannondale: Cannondale is the next top brand that is perfect for rode and mountains. Some top models from Cannondale are the Synapse Disc DI2 a new generation of rode bikes that slay not only rode but on the dirt to. The Bad Habit 3 inch tire mountain bike is a contender up to the Scott Genius Plus bikes. Cannondale has made a whole new category in its self The SlateLefty a road bike with a shock and 2inch wheels that make you feel like the king of dirt.


Cannondale Slate

  • Slate


  • Synapse Disc DI2                                                                                                                   

Drummond custom-built bikes:  When an off-the-peg bike is close, but really doesn’t fit, Dick Drummond can build you the perfect rig. Drummond custom bicycles are hand-built from the finest steel alloys available, and formed into a configuration that is designed to suit your fit and purpose. Need a race bike that fits like a tailored glove? Need a commuter designed to carry full fenders? We can build your bike just the way you want it.

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  • Drummond Disc Break

BMC: The Bicycle Manufacturing Company. It’s all in the name. BMC concentrates on what they do best – making bikes, pure and simple. They focus their energy on creating the ultimate ride for the roadie, track star, mountain biker, professional athlete, or weekend warrior.



  • Team Machine SlRO2

Cervélo: Cervélo is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of time trial and triathlon bikes, and well-known for setting the bar for comfort and aerodynamics.  The S5 was chosen as Bicycling Editor’s Choice in 2012, and the R5 is the go-to bike for Pro teams like Garmin Barracuda looking for the advantage. Check out all the S, R, and P series bikes here:


Parlee: To understand how the perfect balance of performance, comfort and durability is achieved in a PARLEE, look at their bike-building process and let the ride speak for itself. Located locally in Beverly, MA. PARLEE is the leading manufacturer of custom handmade carbon bikes. Each PARLEE is built with uncompromising care and attention to detail. So, whether you need variegated wall thicknesses to tune the ride or fit perfectly on a stock frame they have a model that will exceed your expectations. Choose from bicycles specially designed for road, cyclocross, or touring.