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No single component can help you to ride more confidently and with greater speed than a high quality set of wheels. We stock wheels from the best in the business and offer custom wheels, tailored to suit your riding style, that will outlast the gimmicks. Choose from DT Swiss, White Industries, KT, Chris King, and Shimano hubs. Choose your rims from HED, Mavic, H-Plus-Son, Kinlin, Velocity, Enve and Reynolds Rims. All wheels are built with your choice of DT, Wheelsmith or Sapim spokes using precision calibrated tension and exacting detail. You can also try our wheels for a nominal fee through our Wheel Demo Program.

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We now offer our own high quality aluminum wheels. Each wheelset is custom built for you, the rider, in alignment with the strength and aerodynamic requirements for each individual . Drummond Custom wheels use Kinlin 279 (27 mm), 300 (30 mm), or 380 (38 mm) rims in 20,24, 28, and 32 hole patterns. Exceptionally machined and built to last, these rims set the standard for affordability, aerodynamics, and durability. Choose DT or Sapim Spokes to lace to our own Drummond Hubs from KT. These aluminum shell hubs use stainless sealed cartridge bearings, aluminum freehub body and 10 mm hollow axles to give you the lightest, stiffest hubset at a great value. Hub weights are as follows. Front 24h – 76 grams. Rear 28h – 242 grams. Average complete wheelset weights range from 1450-1560 grams and start at $750

American Classic
American Classic are known for their innovation, attention to detail, and customer service. They produce wheels for every purpose, with an emphasis on light weight and ride quality.


Quality engineered components that are guaranteed to be the best you’ve ever ridden. Wheels, stems, handlebars, seatposts and forks proudly made in Ogden, UT. In its brief history, Enve has become a leader in carbon fiber wheels.


Easton brings 60+ years of innovation to its full line of wheels. Their racing pedigree culminates with their success in the world’s largest races, with champions in many major events, including the Tour de France.


Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. was established in July 2004, based on the idea of three aerospace engineers who are passionate about bicycles. The strong points of this young company include the use of unique patents, ongoing technological research, and the attractive and young-spirited design. Fulcrum wheels were initially created for road racing, but in 2008 the Fulcrum family welcomed two important new members: the off-road wheels, which would soon reveal themselves to be worthy of the name, achieving excellent results, and the pedal cranks for racing bikes in carbon fibre, representing the first Fulcrum product for the high-end range of components.


Mavic, French manufacturer of bike systems and rider’s equipment came into being in 1889. Today, with over one hundred years of experience, Mavic continues to stride forward into the future. More than 300 staff help the famous yellow brand to progress – with a real passion for the sport of cycling.


For over a century, the name Reynolds has stood for quality, design and performance in bicycle wheels and components.


Zipp have long been a mainstay in American cycling, and their dedication making the most innovative carbon wheelsets is well-known. We carry a range of Zipp wheels, including the 202, 404, 808 and all new 303, which combines aerodynamics with super light weight.