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This is what a good bike shop should be: run by passionate, friendly, knowledgeable people. Chris is a great mechanic. I mean, great. When he fixes your bike, builds you a set of wheels, solves a problem, you know it’s being done the right way the first time. Dick radiates a love of riding bikes and it’s contagious. I feel so lucky this shop is near me.  Chris M. 1/16 

Best bike shop, best people, hands down, anywhere.  Julie S. 10/15

The boys in the shop… full of heart, integrity, and bikes.  Linday S. 8/15

Best bike shop in New England. Hands down – no question. Dick Drummond is a phenomenal fitting expert, great atmosphere.  Max O. 12/14

Great shop..great people…need I say more.  Sarah D. 6/14

I have been racing and riding for over 10 years off and on, and I wish I had known Dick a lot sooner. I had purchased a new bike recently and was talked into going to see Dick for a bike fit. The dirrerence was remarkable. I have since had some great results in racing and am confident having a proper bike fit has had an impact on my efficiency and fitness.  I believe that any cyclist that spends time and money on the sport, from novice to expert, should start with a bike fit from and experienced person for their health and comfort, it’s well worth it.  Thanks Dick!  S. Vibert 9/11

Thank you for setting me up on my Cervelo this spring.  Over the summer we put in some good miles.  In Timberman yesterday, I managed to take 26 minutes off my bike split from the previous year.  Without that beautiful bike, I don’t think it would have happened.  Thank You!!  S. Lester, via Facebook 8/11

I was really pleased to discover your shop this past week.  It was through your connection to the Prouty Ultimate that I heard about you first, and then when I did an internet search for bike shops in my quest for a wireless computer, I found your contact info.  I wanted you to know that I really appreciated your help, as well as your knowledge and customer care.  All these things would make me a repeat customer by themselves.  But I just wanted to say how I appreciate your efforts to make the Prouty Ultimate successful.  Your donation of the custom bike is just one example.  When I realized that this was the shop I had contacted, I decided right away to purchase the Garmin from you.  And I’m recommending my friends to you for all their biking needs.  E. Ramage, 7/11

I had looked at hybrid, cyclo-cross, and road bikes, but I didn’t feel like I had the knowledge I needed to make an intelligent choice– and at my age, with a few back issues, I needed to be smart about my selection. A bike fitting with Dick and his good advice dispelled my incorrect assumptions and gave me the confidence I needed. I’m riding a Scott CR1 Team and loving it. — M. Sutherland, 4/11

I just picked up a Cervelo RS from Dick yesterday. I’ll be honest- I really did not think much into proper bike (and riding style) fit due to years of riding mountain bikes and mis-sized road frames. From my first meeting with Dick, he spent 2 hours with me dialing in a bike that I haven’t even test-ridden, let alone purchased. Upon my first (cold!) ride, I immediately realized how wrong I was about road bike fitting. Not only did Dick stay over an hour after closing(twice) to get feedback on my real test-ride, but he also made sure I come back after 8-10 rides to do another tune-up and re-fit should anything change! Dick offers a service beyond his spectacular product offering, and has certainly won a customer over for life on my behalf. His attitude, knowledge, and friendliness makes the 1.5 hour trip more than worth it… —P. St Onge, 4/11

Last year’s season was my best ever– I was able to ride stronger and longer, without the strain in my back, and my climbing in particular was faster and easier.  I love the bike, and I love the way it fits me.  I believe in Dick’s bike fitting ability, and in his technical knowledge and capability.  He truly understands bike building, bike fitting and bike maintenance.  — Dick Dumez

Once I was on my bike for over an hour I used to get severe neck pain.  It didn’t matter how often I rode, after a short while it would occur over again.  The discomfort was so intense that biking wasn’t fun anymore.  I assumed that cycling wasn’t meant for me and I stopped.  Until I was custom fitted, I had no idea that the stress of my neck while cycling was caused by an improper riding position.  Since I have been riding my new custom Drummond, the aching at the base of my neck is no longer an issue.  Now I can cycle again and actually enjoy it! —Dr. Lisa Lifgren


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