White Industries T11 Road Hub Set Review

Here at Drummond Cycles custom wheels division we like to use White Industries hubs more than anything else out there because they ‘re as light or lighter than DT Swiss and Chris King. They cost less than either and the quality is outstanding because they are made in the U.S.A! The Titanium freehub bodies are indestructible (no awful cassette gouging like with aluminum freehub bodies) and they are the only company out there that offers this in an affordable hub set.

The new T11 hubs replace the long beloved H3 and H2 road hubs with their voluptuous figure and mirror finish to make way for 11 speed cassettes found on, you guessed it, 11 speed groups. The hubs are still 8,9, and 10 speed compatible with an included washer, but White Ind. likes to stay ahead of the curve, ya know? White Industries has designed the new T11 hub with smooth center sections, keeping the variable flange sizes on the rear hub and slightly widening the flanges on the front hub to help create a stiffer wheel.  The T11 also gets a facelift with some beautiful laser engraving designating that they are T11, MADE IN THE USA, by White Industries. The silver engraving on the black hubs is eye catching and is sure to turn a few heads as you pass the gawkers and head down the road. Of course, the bearings are flawless following in the treadmarks of all the hubs they offer (I haven’t replaced the bearings in my ENO SS hubs for 5 years!) They are available in 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 hole drill patterns making them perfect for everything from carbon tubulars to box section classics wheels. The hubs can be had for around $400, about $200 less than a DT Swiss 240 or King hub set and come in silver or black, what’s better than that?!





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