We have been busy this winter building a number of different wheelsets. A hand built wheelset will do more to improve the ride quality of your bike than any other component . Using a wide range of high quality rims, hubs and spokes along with our years of wheel building experience, we are able to build high performance, long-lasting wheels tailored to your specific needs and budget. We’ll work with you to select the ideal components for your riding style then lace true and tension your wheels carefully and precisely to produce the optimal balance of spoke tension while eliminating stress that causes wheels to go out of true. Paired with a quality set of tires, our custom wheels are sure to enhance the ride of your bike and provide you with many miles and years of trouble-free service.


Road rims have been evolving over the last few years as new data becomes available. Traditionally road rims were 19mm wide for a 23c wide tire. This combination creates a light bulb shaped profile in the tire allowing the tire to roll slightly when cornering. By using a wider 23mm wide rim paired with either a 23c or 25c tire you straighten the tire sidewall by widening the bead of the tire allowing for better cornering.


An added benefit of using a wider rim is an increase in air volume. This allows for a more comfortable ride using a lower tire pressure and reduces the chance of pinch flatting. Running a narrow rim in combination with a high pressure tire creates a lot of vibration on the road surface where you are actually bouncing off the road. There is no forward motion being generated by your pedal stroke during these momentary losses of contact so your efficiency is reduced. Lower tire pressure not only increases the comfort of the ride but the efficiency of every pedal stroke by keeping rubber in contact with the road. This gain in efficiency negates the gain in rolling resistance from the larger contact patch.


Hubs are the foundation on which good wheels are built. We’ve commissioned our own Drummond hubs from the well regarded KT Company in Taiwan. We did this because we demand hubs that are reliable, easily serviced, and have parts readily available. Depending on intended use and budget, we also build with hubs from industry leaders like Chris King, White Industries, and DT Swiss.

Drummond Hubs


Over the years we have used and built with a variety of spokes. That cumulative experience and knowledge have led us to picking a handful of spokes that we like to build with based on the quality and durability they lend to the wheel. DT Swiss Completion butted spokes are the workhorse of the wheel building industry because of their strength, durability and affordability. For a lighter weight bladed spoke we use Sapim CX-Rays the strongest bladed spoke currently on the market.


This winter we also added a new tool to the shop. The Morizumi spoke cutter enables us to cut and thread spokes to the precise length we need for a wheelset. Traditionally spokes are available in 2mm increments. This forces wheel builders to choose between going short or long. Too short of a spoke and the nipple is forced to carry more load leading to premature failure. Too long and the spoke threads can bottom out before achieving proper tension. Being able to use accurate spoke lengths allows us to perfectly balance the spoke tension of your wheel and ensure longevity.


By choosing the right combination of parts and spoke count and lacing pattern appropriate to you, your bike and riding style we can build you a wheelset that will give you years of enjoyment. With a hand built wheelset starting at $749 there are options for every budget. Call or stop by the shop today to discuss your next wheelset.


By choosing the right combination of parts and selecting a hole count and lacing pattern appropriate to you, your bike, and riding style. We can build you a wheelset that will give you years of enjoyment. With a hand built wheelset starting at $749 call or contact us today to discuss your next wheelset.






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