December Newsletter

December Newsletter

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Weekly Training Sessions 

There will be weekly trainer sessions at the shop on Wednesday evenings, beginning at 6:00 p.m. The classes will be structured, and aimed at developing riders’ technique as well as fitness. The atmosphere will be fun and social with a small twist of shared suffering. Email the shop to let us know you are coming.

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Rider Profile
Richard Sealey
What do you do for work?

I am the Odd Job Man, I’m a contractor, I have a little contracting business, I do kitchens and bathrooms and odd jobs.

Where are from and what brought you to the Upper Valley?

I was born in a mining town in the middle of England in 1945, that was a long time ago. I first came to the states to play music back in the late sixties you could I guess call me a failed musician. I started playing guitar when I was about twelve and I’m no better now than I was then. but I came back and forth and back and forth eventually my father emigrated to the U.S. and I piggy backed on him and came, so I’ve been here now, thirty-five years. And what brought me to the Upper Valley if you can believe it I actually went to Dartmouth College to get my Masters degree and here I’ve stayed.

How long have you been riding?

Ever since I was a tiny boy.

Do you remember your first bike?

I do and I remember my first bicycle ride. My father had made seat that he bolted to his crossbar I must have been two and I remember the feeling vividly of going down hill I just wanted to go faster and faster, and I’ve never gotten off my bike in all these years, never.

To read the rest of Chris and Sealey’s interview click HERE

Fat is the New Skinny…


The fat bike revolution has hit the Northeast. And, this year at the shop we are offering bikes manufactured by both Surly (the company that started it all), and Framed Bikes – a newer company that is establishing itself as a big-time player in the fat bike market ( With options for men, women, and children, Framed serves as the ultimate price-point option to get you out there and enjoy the snow.


Greetings from the frozen landscape of Enfield, New Hampshire! We are really excited to finally get our newsletter started- not that it’s the only thing we can do in the snow… Chris and I have been working hard to get ready for 2015 with new products, classes and rides. Fat bikes have burst on to the scene recently and we are now offering several great lines. We are going to continue our winter trainer classes again this winter- they have been a great success over the past several years. And even though the weather has been challenging, I will continue to lead rides through the winter. So join us if you can, because whether you ride a cross bike, fat bike, or a trainer this winter, nothing is better having a little company. Hope to see you soon.
~ Dick
From the Shop 


2015 Shop Custom Kits
by Velocio


This year, Drummond Custom Cycles will be partnering with Velocio cycling apparel to produce some of the most stylish and durable kits in the Northeast. Velocio cycling is a brand that “aims to defy and exceed expectations,” and does so by delivering riders with high-quality products designed to support and enhance the riding experience. With the help of Velocio co-founder and NH local, Brad Sheehan, we have finalized the kit design. We are taking kit orders now, so check out some of the exciting news surrounding the Velocio-SRAM Pro Cycling team: 

We are taking orders for 2015 kits and Velocio clothing now! 
At 30% off retail- get in on this special deal by placing your orders before January 1, 2015 (expected delivery is April 2015). Men and Woman’s sizes available. To view the kit design and ordering information click here, to place an order contact the shop or send us an email.

Hurry this offer doesn’t last long!


Holiday Party and Saris Cycling Demo!

There will be a Drummond Custom Cycles Holiday Party on Thursday, December 11th at 6:00 pm. The menu for the night includes food, beverage, good times, and an indoor training presentation by Saris Cycling. CycleOps trainers and indoor cycles will be offered at 20% off as part of the demo. We hope that you will join the festivities! Please RSVP to

Items featured as part of the Saris Cycling Demonstration:

CycleOps Powerbeam Pro

The CycleOps Powerbeam Pro takes the indoor trainer to the next level. The trainer is equipped with a programmable electronic resistance unit, allowing for precise control of every workout. Integrated PowerTap technology takes away the guesswork, allowing you to you to accurately track power output throughout the ride. Click to view: Powerbeam.

Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle

Built for professionals, the Phantom 5 seeks to duplicate the experience of riding outdoors. Four points of adjustment allow riders to achieve their optimal bike fit. While the combination of freewheel gearing, controlled resistance, PowerTap technology, and compatibility with CycleOps training software, makes for an entertaining and enjoyable ride, unparalleled by any other indoor cycling options.Click to view: Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle

Winter Training

With winter comes a shortening of the days, a moderate to overwhelming drop in temperature, and an increased uncertainty surrounding the condition of the Upper Valley roads. The challenges of training through the winter are numerous. But so too are the tools that we have at our disposal. Here are some basic tips to help make this year’s winter riding experience your best yet:

 1.    Dress for success
  • Wear layers (innermost – wicking, outermost – outer shell that is impervious to wind and rain/snow); protect your hands and feet; insert a chemical warmer or two if you need a heat source. Remember, staying warm may be the key to enjoying your winter ride experience.
 2.    Utilize the fleet  
  • If you have a fleet of bikes, make the most of it. Reserve your road bike for the nicer weather, and view the winter as an opportunity to put some miles on your knobby-tired cyclocross or mountain bike. With bit more rolling resistance, these bikes will help keep you warm, and also allow you to venture onto the dirt roads and trails of the Upper Valley. Looking to really GO BIG this winter? Ride a fat bike. Ride it on the rail trail, in Boston Lot, or at Kingdom Trails; race it in the Northeast race series. You’ll conquer the snow, most likely smiling and laughing wherever you go.
 3.    Eat, eat, eat
  • Riding in cooler temperatures increases the number of calories that your body is burning at any given point. Consistently eating over the course of your ride will help you to maintain your core temperature and energy levels, therein making for a much more enjoyable ride experience.
 4.    Retreat to the warmth
  • Some people love it, while others love to hate it. But there is a high likelihood that even the bravest of us will be forced indoors at some point. Indoor training sessions can be enhanced by: (1) having high-quality equipment, such as that delivered by CycleOps, (2) inserting drills or efforts into your workout, (3) riding with others (in your home or in a group class).
 5.    Stay true to you
  • No matter what you do, make sure to stay true to yourself and your personal goals. Be safe. But, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Follow your heart – ride outside, catch up on your Netflix as you ride inside, or ditch the bike altogether and head out on your skis. Enjoy the variety. Mix and match all you want. Just remember to have fun!
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