Matthew Bolduc

I hesitate to call this an ‘LBS’, because it is really not your typical Local Bike Shop.  It is definitely tilted toward the high end/enthusiast on the cycling spectrum.  That said, I’m into the shop probably once a month for various things.

Dick and Gene are very laid back and always willing to chat about bikes and share their opinions.  I’ve never felt like they are selling me anything.  I describe my issues/problems and they come up with solutions.

I went in today for a new bike fit (was ordering a custom frame from an independent frame builder and needed a top quality fit before I shelled out big bucks on a custom frame), and Dick worked with me for several hours measuring and making sure my position on the bike was ideal.  Dick did a pretty good job explaining/teaching about how your body interacts with the bike, and the different ways you can adjust the fit.

I have been fit before at another shop, so I can compare the two.  The other fitter was more of a ‘black box’ approach, in which he made measurements, I pedaled for a while on video, he made some adjustments, and then sent me on my way with my new ‘fit measurements’.  At Drummond’s, I stayed on the bike for a long time, I relayed a lot of information to Dick, and he was able to incorporate it into his process, and explain what I was feeling and why.  All said, I was very happy with the fit.

Drummond’s goes way out of their way to make sure their customers are taken care of.  I had a wheel relaced earlier this year, and I needed it for an evening ride.  They turned it around super fast and made sure it got back to me for my ride.

When you hang out there for a while, you get the feeling that they just enjoy biking and want their customers to have fun, be comfortable and succeed on their bikes.

I suggest to my cycling enthusiast friends (ie. experienced cyclists coming to the area for school) to go to Drummond’s.




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