Featured Athlete: A Note from Elle Anderson

Hello from Belgium! 
I figure it’s been about a decade since I first stumbled into the shop as a Dartmouth undergrad. Although I moved away from the Upper Valley a number of years ago, I still manage to visit about once or twice a year and stop by the shop. 
These days, I live in the seaside city of Oostende, Belgium. I’m married to a Belgian, and I race cyclocross for a Belgian team.  Last year I said farewell to a long career working for Strava and transitioned to being a full-time cyclist. It’s not as easy as it sounds to make cycling my only occupation, morning, noon, and night. But in my free time, I study Dutch and cook a lot, and I’m slowly getting the hang of my new lifestyle and living in a foreign country. All in all, it can easily be said that I’m living the dream and having a great adventure while doing so. 
Things took an unexpected turn this winter when I was mysteriously plagued with fatigue and poor performances at the races. Eventually I was able to determine via a blood test that I had contracted mono. It was a huge relief to get that diagnosis so that I could stop wondering why I felt so terrible!  But the reality is that the infection has ended my season early. Now, the long recovery period awaits. I cannot wait to get back to my old self next cyclocross season.  Keep in touch and I hope this finds the whole Drummond Cycles community doing well!





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