Check out what our customers are saying! – Since moving to the Upper Valley, Drummond’s has been my bike shop of choice. It’s more than a bike shop; it’s a hub for the cycling community in the area. You can count on getting excellent service, served with a side of sass and, on special occasions, a tasty baked good. While their expertise and attention to detail will keep your bike happy, it’s the human side of the shop that makes it stand apart.  Sarah G (Olympian Triathlete). 9/18 – I have been going to Drummonds for several years and always receive outstanding customer service and top-notch work on my bikes. Dick & Robbie always take time with their customers, whether it’s a newbie or a hard-core rider. Humor, coffee and the occasional donut goes a long way as well….  Leslie R. 7/18 – Took my bike in to be serviced before a 100 mile charity ride. I didn’t know what to expect… I was blown away by the amazing job done. Amazing customer service and professional attitude. My gears were indexed so perfectly I couldn’t even feel my bike transition gears; so smooth. A+ work.  Michael N. 5/18 – I have been going to Drummonds for a few years now. They are some of the best bike mechanics out there. They have helped my bikes stay rolling fast, quiet, and smooth. I recently just purchased a Jekyll 2 from them and the bike is awesome. Its great to have a bike shop that is always willing to help you out in a pinch.  Travis N. 1/18 – Far and away best local bike shop. Great staff, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Jeffery P. 7/17 – Awesome carbon repair service! Dick Drummond was a pleasure to work with. They completed the repair quick and exactly as promised. They shipped my frame back to me after repair and it was at my house the next day. I took the bike for a test ride and it rode like new, no issues. Drummond Cycles is an excellent option for carbon repair in New Hampshire. Thanks Dick Drummond!                  Evan G. 5/17This is what a good bike shop should be: run by passionate, friendly, knowledgeable people. Chris is a great mechanic. I mean, great. When he fixes your bike, builds you a set of wheels, solves a problem, you know it’s being done the right way the first time. Dick radiates a love of riding bikes and it’s contagious. I feel so lucky this shop is near me.  Chris M. 1/16 Best bike shop, best people, hands down, anywhere.  Julie S. 10/15The boys in the shop… full of heart, integrity, and bikes.  Linday S. 8/15Best bike shop in New England. Hands down – no question. Dick Drummond is a phenomenal fitting expert, great atmosphere.  Max O. 12/14Great shop..great people…need I say more.  Sarah D. 6/14 – I have been racing and riding for over 10 years off and on, and I wish I had known Dick a lot sooner. I had purchased a new bike recently and was talked into going to see Dick for a bike fit. The dirrerence was remarkable. I have since had some great results in racing and am confident having a proper bike fit has had an impact on my efficiency and fitness.  I believe that any cyclist that spends time and money on the sport, from novice to expert, should start with a bike fit from and experienced person for their health and comfort, it’s well worth it.  Thanks Dick!  S. Vibert 9/11 – Thank you for setting me up on my Cervelo this spring.  Over the summer we put in some good miles.  In Timberman yesterday, I managed to take 26 minutes off my bike split from the previous year.  Without that beautiful bike, I don’t think it would have happened.  Thank You!!  S. Lester, via Facebook 8/11 – I was really pleased to discover your shop this past week.  It was through your connection to the Prouty Ultimate that I heard about you first, and then when I did an internet search for bike shops in my quest for a wireless computer, I found your contact info.  I wanted you to know that I really appreciated your help, as well as your knowledge and customer care.  All these things would make me a repeat customer by themselves.  But I just wanted to say how I appreciate your efforts to make the Prouty Ultimate successful.  Your donation of the custom bike is just one example.  When I realized that this was the shop I had contacted, I decided right away to purchase the Garmin from you.  And I’m recommending my friends to you for all their biking needs.  E. Ramage, 7/11 – I had looked at hybrid, cyclo-cross, and road bikes, but I didn’t feel like I had the knowledge I needed to make an intelligent choice– and at my age, with a few back issues, I needed to be smart about my selection. A bike fitting with Dick and his good advice dispelled my incorrect assumptions and gave me the confidence I needed. I’m riding a Scott CR1 Team and loving it. — M. Sutherland, 4/11 – I just picked up a Cervelo RS from Dick yesterday. I’ll be honest- I really did not think much into proper bike (and riding style) fit due to years of riding mountain bikes and mis-sized road frames. From my first meeting with Dick, he spent 2 hours with me dialing in a bike that I haven’t even test-ridden, let alone purchased. Upon my first (cold!) ride, I immediately realized how wrong I was about road bike fitting. Not only did Dick stay over an hour after closing(twice) to get feedback on my real test-ride, but he also made sure I come back after 8-10 rides to do another tune-up and re-fit should anything change! Dick offers a service beyond his spectacular product offering, and has certainly won a customer over for life on my behalf. His attitude, knowledge, and friendliness makes the 1.5 hour trip more than worth it… —P. St Onge, 4/11 – Last year’s season was my best ever– I was able to ride stronger and longer, without the strain in my back, and my climbing in particular was faster and easier.  I love the bike, and I love the way it fits me.  I believe in Dick’s bike fitting ability, and in his technical knowledge and capability.  He truly understands bike building, bike fitting and bike maintenance.  — Dick Dumez – Once I was on my bike for over an hour I used to get severe neck pain.  It didn’t matter how often I rode, after a short while it would occur over again.  The discomfort was so intense that biking wasn’t fun anymore.  I assumed that cycling wasn’t meant for me and I stopped.  Until I was custom fitted, I had no idea that the stress of my neck while cycling was caused by an improper riding position.  Since I have been riding my new custom Drummond, the aching at the base of my neck is no longer an issue.  Now I can cycle again and actually enjoy it! —Dr. Lisa Lifgren   Have you had a great experience at Drummond Cycles?  Tell us about it!